Marcelo Arias - Expert Birding Guide

Marcelo is well known as an excellent Mindo birding guide for his bird spotting and species identification abilities. Equipped with a Leitz spotting scope and knowledge of the sights and sounds within the cloud forest, Marcelo is an expert at locating the wide variety of bird species found in the Mindo cloud forest. Marcelo speaks English as well as his Spanish, lives in Mindo and has very good recommendations in Lonely Planet Ecuador and South American Explorers Club. To arrange for a guided birding trip you may contact Marcelo Arias by phone in Mindo at 093406321 or by email at .

Photographs by Marcelo Arias

Marcelo has taken many bird photos using a digital camera and spotting scope. Below are a few of the many bird species you can expect to see in the Mindo cloud forest with Marcelo Arias as your birding guide. Contact Marcelo for information on how to obtain copies or permitted use of his bird photographs.

All photographs are copyright by Marcelo Arias - Mindo, Ecuador.